Bus Services

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Buses leave every day after 5 pm.  These buses will take visitors near Sexi, but not directly to the town.  Some of the principal companies are:

For the route Chiclayo/Chota:
Transportes Turismo Chota, Avenue Jorge Chavez 198, Chiclayo, in front of Social Security Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo, at the entrance to the city from Chota-Cutervo, Tel. 074-271143.

Ángel Divino, block 13 of Avenida  Jorge Chávez, Chiclayo.

Ilucán, Cruz de Chalpón at the first block of Progresso, Chiclayo, at the edge of the municipality of the District of Leonardo Ortiz, Tel 074-257053

La Peral del Altomayo, Av. Nicolás de Pierola 150, Chiclayo, Tel. 074-506238.

El Buen Amigo del Norte, first block of Los Próceres, distrito de Leonardo Ortiz, Chiclayo, Tel. 074-437724.

For the route Chiclayo/Santa Cruz:
Transportes Pasamayo, Avenida Jorge Chavez 1330, Chiclayo, Tel. 074-503099

Transportes Chancay Baños: block 13 of Avenda Jorge Chavez, Chiclayo.

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