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Travelling to Sexi
The best way to travel to Sexi is from Chiclayo, capital of the Department of Lambeyeque and the largest and most developed nearby population center. From Chiclayo a visitor travels east into the mountains of the Cordillera Occidental by one of two principal routes.  There is no direct bus service to Sexi but several bus routes go near the town.

Road to Chota:
Via the road to Chota  (Chiclayo/Chongoyape/Llama/ La Colmena –turnoff to the right leading to Sexi).  Sexi is 9 km from La Colmena via an unpaved road. This route is the best way to travel to Sexi since the road will soon be paved all the way to La Colmena. Under current conditions, the trip takes 4 to 5 hours.  When the road is paved the time will be around 3 hours.  A visitor arriving by bus at La Colmena can, by prior arrangement with people in Sexi, travel on to town by horseback (an interesting trip) or in a vehicle belonging to the municipality. Currently there is no transportation directly from Chiclayo to Sexi.

Road to Santa Cruz
Via the road to Santa Cruz (Chiclayo/Chongoyape/Puente Cumbil/Cat­ache/Sexi). After the turn to Sexi between Catache and Santa Cruz it is necessary to ascend via a steep unpaved road up onto the Sexi Plateau.  A visitor travelling by bus from Chiclayo via this route can stay overnight in Santa Cruz, where there are hotels and restaurants,  and from there arrange to travel on to Sexi via private car (taxi).

It is also possible to travel to Sexi from Cajamarca via either of two routes:
1) Via the route Cajama­rca/Bambamarca/Chota/Lajas/Huambos/ La Colmena/Sexi. The connections are Cajamarca/Chota and from Chota to La Colmena (bus to Chiclayo).

2)Via a new route Cajamarca/Santa Cruz/Sexi.  This route is via Tongod and is the route nearest Cajamarca, but buses only run on certain days of the week.

Bus Services
See our web page dedicated to bus services travelling from Chiclayo to Chota or Santa Cruz.  Buses leave daily at 5 pm, and will take visitors near Sexi, but not directly to the town.

Accomodations in Sexi
The people in Sexi offer their hospitality to visitors.  Accommodations in private homes (Señor Britaldo Bravo, Señor Alindor Bravo, Señora Eugena Davila) provide an opportunity for cultural immersion tourism.  Meals are available by arrangement with representatives of the Club de Madres (Sexi Women’s Association) or Señora Elba Davila. 

Prospective visitors can contact Señor Santiago Asenjo Davila in Lima (Tel. 4452618) in order to make arrangements.  If they arrive directly in Sexi, visitors can contact officials of the municipality of Sexi or members of the Association for the Protection and Defense of the Fossils of Sexi (APDFS).

Visiting the Fossil Forest
The Petrified Forest Piedra Chamana is located within the territorial boundaries of the District of Sexi at a distance of 1.5 km (1 mi) from the town.  Visits to the fossil forest are by guided tour along an interpretive trail that provides the opportunity to see the most important and impressive fossil specimens and the great quantity of fossil wood on the surface within an area of ~ 1 km2.  From the site there are panoramic vistas looking in all directions toward the surrounding Andes.   In Sexi there is also a museum dedicated to the fossil forest.

Travel Advisories
• Hot running water is limited in Sexi and only available in a few locations.
• The altitude  – around 2500 m ( 8200 ft) – may affect some visitors. Rest and coca tea are effective remedies.
• The elevation also increases the intensity of the sun, and extra precaution should be taken when outdoors.  
• Bottled water is available in town. Medical services in Sexi are limited; the nearest hospital is in Chiclayo, and there is a doctor in Huambos.  
• Electricity is available in Sexi, but 220 V adapters might be necessary for some equipment.
• During the rainy season, unpaved roads to Sexi may become temporarily impassible. 
• The citizens of Sexi exclusively speak Spanish.

The weather:  Rain is most likely in the months from December to April.  The best months to visit are generally May, June, and July.  These months find the area at its greenest and are also the time when corn, peas, and wheat are harvested. Although cold and windy periods can occur, the months from August to November are also good times to visit.

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